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What is VoIP?
  1. Register for free at peoplefone

  2. Download the softphone for your mobile or computer

  3. Add credit on your peoplefone account and start making calls all over the world!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the general term for the transmission of voice over IP networks. Synonyms of VoIP are IP telephony or Internet telephony. This «old» technology has become very popular with the expansion of internet with higher and more stable bandwidth. Thanks to the Smartphones and all the WiFi-spots, VoIP has even become mobile!

peoplefone is since 2005 an international VoIP provider working with the standard SIP technology (Session Initiating Protocol). It works all over the world, wherever you have internet or WiFi and a VoIP-softphone or VoIP-device!

How does peoplefone work?
How to start

How to start?

  • You need a mobile with WiFI or an internet connection at home (at least 100kpbs/sec in download and upload)
  • You need a peoplefone account with your personal configuration data
  • For your mobile or your computer you need to download the VoIP-software
  • If you have a VoIP-device, you just need to plug it to the internet and install the device
  • After adding credit to your account you can start making low cost phone calls all over the world!
How to pay

How to pay?

  • Login into your peoplefone account with the Login E-mail and your own password
  • Go to «Payment» - «Add Funds»
  • Choose your credit card or paypal and the credit will be transferred to your account securely in a couple of minutes
How to display

How to display your mobile number?

  • Login into your peoplefone account with the Login E-mail and your own password
  • Go to «Phone Numbers» - «Number Display»
  • Type in your mobile number and follow the procedure to confirm the ownership of your given number
How to quite

How to quit?

There is no contract, no monthly fees, no hidden charges when registering at peoplefone. If you want to stop using our services you just use up your credit in your account and quit using peoplefone.

You can start using us again anytime by just adding funds to your peoplefone account.

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