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Make low cost calls without your computer at home!

If you want to phone comfortably from home, just use your regular phone with a VoIP-adapter to your modem and save money using peoplefone to make calls worldwide!

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What you need

  • Internet connection (at least 100 Kpbs/sec in download and upload)
  • VoIP-adapter (LINKSYS, FRITZ!Box, etc) and regular phone

How to Start

  1. Register for free at www.peoplefone.eu and add some credit
  2. Connect the VoIP-adapter to your internet modem/router
  3. Install the SIP-Configuration Data of your peoplefone account on the VoIP-adapter (see user manual)


  • Make phone calls comfortably as usual at home
  • Pay much less while phoning at peoplefone rates to any fixnet or mobile network worldwide
  • No contract and no hidden costs with peoplefone


  • Works with all devices using the VoIP protocol SIP
  • Simple configuration following the user manual
  • Excellent sound quality with the G711 and G729 codecs
  • Plug the fixnet-line with the device to receive incoming calls from your fixline operator
  • Display your own telephone number directly from your peoplefone account


  • EUR 0.- for installation
  • EUR 0.- for peoplefone account, no contract bindings, no hidden charges
  • Prepaid credit top-up of the peoplefone account
  • Rate per minute for outgoing calls at www.peoplefone.eu
  • EUR 0.- of setup fees at each call
  • EUR 0.- between peoplefone members

*** Important notice about VoIP ***

Some internet operators or countries may prohibit or restrict the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality over their network. Your modem/router can also block the ports needed for VoIP.

user manual



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